Temporary Graduate

This program is specifically designed for applicants, whom skills and/or experience are required to fulfil employment shortage in the Australian economy, addressing specific skill shortages while enhancing the professional level of the Australian labour force.

Temporary and permanent visas are available, in some cases; point test is used to pre-qualify applicants. Applicants may apply independently, or seek sponsorship by employers, by an eligible relative or by a state or territory government under a State Migration Plan.

Point test system considered applicant’s age, language ability, skills/qualification, work experience and suitability for employment among other criteria. Applicants must demonstrate a minimum of 60 points to be considered.

Suitable applicants will be invited to submit a visa application based on the initial information provided and points. Applicants that provide incorrect, false or misleading information in the original Expression of Interest might have visa application refused.

Invitations are issued automatically by the SkillSelect system to the highest ranking EOIs, subject to occupation ceilings. Invitations are issued regularly.


(Provisional) visa (subclass 489)

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